Gershwin Room

Gershwin Room

The Gershwin Room is the former grand dining room of the original Esplanade Hotel. Extensive restoration returned the hallowed stage to its original splendour and majesty, breathing new life into this stunning room.

Time had taken its toll on this Grande Dame of the stage, and so The Esplanade Hotel’s owners undertook the massive task of extensively renovating and upgrading the space to once again thrust it under the spot-light as Australia’s premier room.

And more importantly, the Gershwin Room has been returned to its original vision of splendour and majesty, its intricate period details breathed new life. From the incredibly elaborate ceiling which has been painstakingly hand-finished, the gold leaf walls and rich, hand-rendered motifs, to the open fireplace, the Gershwin Room is now undoubtedly one of Australia’s most beautiful spaces.

As a premier live performance space, a great deal of care has been taken to ensure the ElectroVoice DeltaMax sound system is perfectly tuned to the room, and in turn there has been an extensive amount of sound engineering to ensure the room sounds simply stunning, regardless of where you stand.

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